Client Testimonials

“Our experience with Jacqueline has been wonderful. She is knowledgeable, calm, confident and a terrific communicator. Jacqueline has been working with our three year old dog and us for a couple of months and the results have been truly fantastic. We wish we started with her earlier. Jacqueline really helps with providing us with the tools and considerations to be successful with our pup. She also follows up with notes from the training session to work on through to the next session. Jacquline receives our highest recommendation. Think no further, start working with her, you will be happy that you took the step forward.”

“I would highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone with training needs. She has helped up tremendously with our mini aussie Maverick. When we first started training with Jacqueline we were desperate (used another dog trainer with e collar training which made his behaviors unmanageable) and with her guidance Maverick is now living a much happier life. Previously, Maverick was unable to even see a dog from a distance in our neighborhood without going crazy and now we are able to go on walks and pass by other dogs without any reactive behaviors (something we did not think was possible). There are endless situations she has helped us with that I can’t even list them all. If it isn’t a service she offers she will recommend you to anyone that can help. One of the things I was most impressed and thankful for was how understanding and caring she has been. When you are so frustrated with your dogs behaviors or where you are at with training she is so understanding with what you are feeling in that moment because she has been in your shoes. On top of our wonderful experiences with Jacqueline her prices are so reasonable and more than worth everything we have gained in the past 9 months! It is very difficult to find positive reinforcement trainers in this area and Jacqueline is one of the best.”

“I would highly recommend Jacqueline for behavioral dog training. She is wonderful to work with and an excellent resource! She thoroughly explains the reason(s) behind the unwanted behavior and only uses positive reinforcement steps and methods for correcting. Detailed notes of what we went over during each training session and homework is provided. We have made great progress with our German Shepherd puppy so far and I would definitely reach out to her for all your training needs!”

“We have struggled with our dog Darla for a long time and after a few weeks of training we are seeing a huge difference. We have used other trainers with other dogs they always made us feel like we were doing everything wrong and how could we not know what to do. Jacqueline never makes us feel that way. She is so supportive. Every time we meet she gives me confidence that I can do it! Always we can touch base between visits which is always helpful”

“A++ service and a great person to work with! Can’t wait for the next session”

“she is very knowledgeable and compassionate for you and your dog. The training is very natural, common sense and with love in mind. I feel good about her training and the notes she takes and leaves behind are great reminders of her visit and to Practice!”

“Jacqueline is an excellent resource! Lessons are great and our little pup is making great progress with her help! Can’t wait until the next lesson!”

“After our 14 years with Loki, we forgot the time it can take for a new puppy (Koda was 6 months when we adopted her) to trust their new family/environment. Jacqueline was able to translate Koda’s personality and fears with amazing recommendations for us to create a calming presence and better channel her spunk (which at the time was borderline skin breaking biting and aggression). A year later, Koda and I trust one another. She is part of the family and we are in a groove of companionship that was made possible by Jacqueline’s wisdom and support. As there were several days when Koda was nearly returned to the human society by yet another family (us). Today, as the cliche goes…we can’t imagine not having Koda in our lives.”

“We adopted two dogs from a rescue and started to notice quite a bit of anxiety and fear reactivity/aggression. We knew we needed some help. Jacqueline was highly recommended to us by the rescue where we volunteer. We contacted her, and she was quick to respond. Our experience with Jacqueline has been nothing short of excellent. She is incredibly knowledgeable and so very kind. It’s easy to see that she loves dogs and what she does. Her approach is strictly fear/force free, positive reinforcement. She had us pick just a couple of areas to focus our training on to start and formed a plan from there, complete with “homework” for us to work on with our pups until the next appointment. She takes her time explaining and demonstrating these activities, as well as the rationale behind them. Then at future sessions, she modifies/progresses the plan as needed. Her prices are a bargain for the amount of time she spends at our home, as well as the amount of knowledge she has to share. We have seen significant improvement in all of our areas of concern in a short amount of time…just 2 months and 3 sessions. We continue to work with Jacqueline in our efforts to help our girls be the happiest pups they can be, and we happily recommend Jacqueline to anyone for their training needs.”

“Jacqueline has been wonderful to work with in training Pipin, our little Havenese puppy – ok really his family of people! 😀 She is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to communicate with. She has spent time teaching us to understand his behavior and work with him positively. All of her suggestions and training have made a significant difference for our little guy, who is is a bit reactive to his environment and anxious with new people and things. She is also realistic and breaks down big goals into manageable steps! I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a dog trainer! It is clear that she understands dogs behavior and really loves and has great affection for dogs!”
Woodard Family Howell

“Jacqueline was highly recommended to us by the dog rescue that we adopted one of our dogs from and we are so glad we took their advice. She really taught us how to interpret our dogs’ behaviors and how to incrementally change those behaviors with positive reinforcement. It is wonderful that she does training at our home so our whole family can be involved. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand and work with their dogs in a kind and gentle manner.”

“Jacqueline was referred to us by a group trainer in Petco when the trainer identified our little guy needed special attention. We began training with her last fall and so far our little yellow dog has made significant progress. He had a severe case of stranger danger having been in a shelter for sometime. Her approach with training and recommending simple exercises has totally helped him. We would like to specifically mention her in-depth knowledge in general dog psyche, which she uses along with spending quality time in getting to know our dog to best advocate exercises/training that work best for him. Communication with her is super easy and stress-free with any questions and clarifications solved immediately to put our minds at ease. She sends feedback on our sessions with pointers to exercises and a step-by–step breakdown if required. We would 100% recommend her for your dog’s training needs and look forward to continue working with her in the future for our little guy.”

“My family has been hugely blessed by Jacqueline’s advice. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to understand. All of her methods have worked.”

“We reached out to Jackie to help us with our newly rescued dog who has separation anxiety. She has been nothing short of amazing. In just a couple months she has taught us how to handle Ryder’s anxiety along with other behavior training exercises we would have never thought were possible. She pours her heart into every dog, and it shows. We are so lucky we found her!”

“We are so thankful to have found Jacqueline! She has taught not only our dog but our whole family so much! Our dog went from self mutilating and bending bars when put in his crate to going in himself just to play. He is much gentler with our kids and our kids have learned how to play gently with him! We can’t thank Jacqueline enough for all of her help! We love our Jax so much, it was so hard seeing him suffer before.”

“Jacqueline is so amazing!! I don’t want to think of where we would be without her! She has helped us get through the challenging puppy phase with our 10mo Labradoodle and now working our way to become a therapy pup! I recommend her everyone I can!”

“I never really realized there is so much to teach a dog to get a desired behavior. Jacqueline is very resourceful and patient when teaching us and our dog training techniques. She is a real dog whisper! 😊🐾

“Jacqueline has helped our adorable but dog-reactive Lenny calmly get a hold of himself for once! Our boy would cause a lot of trouble when other dogs came near our house and would even jump the fence to get to them, resulting in two different bite situations…Thankfully, Jacqueline taught us how to teach Lenny that other dogs walking by doesn’t have to be a scary or stressful experience. She’s even helped manage the relationship between Lenny and our other dog Emma, who doesn’t have near as much energy as Lenny does. It has been a slow process but Lenny has showed so much improvement after working with Jacqueline! Thank you so so much for all your help!”

“Jacqueline is incredible!! She helped us so much! She listened to my concerns and worked with our little guy accordingly. We have all learned so much during our sessions with her. She’s calm and patient. She really trained all of us so we will be able to continue once she’s not there. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer and will always go to Jacqueline for all of our questions and training needs!”

“Just finished up training session 4 last night. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect so much progress in such a short amount of time. We went from a dog that was so reactive to door knocks that she was out of control and heard nothing we said, to a dog that checks in with us and will stay on her bed while we answer the door. Jacqueline is very knowledgeable and patient , not only with the dogs but with teaching all family members as well! So happy that we made the decision to have her come help us!”

“I wanted to share this photo.To everyone else, this is just three dogs on a couch. To us, it shows progress we never thought could happen. A mere 8 months ago we found Millie (buried pittie in the blanket) on the streets of Detroit and wanted to give her a good home. Everything was great until she and Roxy (brindle old lady on the pillow) started those horrible fights. Both dogs just wouldn’t stop, and we called Training by Jacqueline. She helped us work through the household dynamic, teach Millie some “manners”, and even helped teach the old ladies a thing or two! Through patience and guidance, our holiday season is gonna be a great one this year! Thank you for everything, Jacqueline!”

“I have a 4 year old English Mastiff (EM), Remy, who I’ve had since she was 14 weeks old. She has a lot of fear issues and she and I recently moved from the country to the city. She grew up with another EM in the house and they were very close and always together. Unfortunately the other EM didn’t move with us so that added to Remy’s anxiety. Jacqueline came to our house to work with Remy and helped me make Remy feel more comfortable and secure on her own. She so much better around strangers and we even go for walks with another dog…she made a new friend!! Thank you Jacqueline from Remy and me. We appreciate you!!”

“We are five training sessions in for our five month old Husky. Jacqueline has superseded our expectations for a trainer. She is punctual, calm, organized and VERY creative to ensure she meets the needs of the client. Jacqueline encourages communication by email, phone and/or text in between sessions too!! She has a strong passion for her work and all the fur-friends she meets along the way. We are so grateful to be able to learn from Jackie and consider her a family friend.”

“Jacqueline helped me work with my foster dog, Titus, who was fearful of new people, places and loud noises. She was so patient with him and always knew exactly what to do to make him comfortable and confident. She would give us “homework assignments” that were easy to implement and helped Titus make huge improvements. He came so far in just a few weeks! I now have the tools to continue to work with him and am so grateful to Jacqueline! Plus, she is very flexible with appointments and answers my questions via FB or text immediately. I highly recommend her to everyone!”

“If you’re looking for a gentle trainer, with the patience, knowledge & experience to help with any problem, or even just with basics, you’ve come to the right place!”

“Excellent, very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend”

“Jackie is awesome! She is helping us train and communicate with our wonderful dog Wyatt. We are learning so much, and the tips and homework Jackie provides are definitely making a difference, not only for our Wy guy, but for all of us. We highly recommend Jackie as a trainer; she’s a total pro, and will help you feel more confident and comfortable on the other end of the leash. Our family appreciates the support, guidance, and expertise provided by Jackie. And Wyatt appreciates having a family who better understand his needs…and many opportunities to earn delicious treats!”

“Jacqueline is a great dog trainer. She has the patience of a saint and is truly dedicated. You can tell working with animals is her true passion. My dog loves her. Anytime I’ve had any issues I could always count on her to help guide me.”

“WOW! She is truly an amazing human, and doggie trainer! My pup, Izzy and I, have had tremendous success just in a short amount of time. Jacqueline has been so kind, informative and supportive in our journey. She tailors the training to each specific need of the doggies and their human parents! I’m looking forward to continuing work with her towards a stronger bond, a more comfortable atmosphere and structure for my fur-baby!!!!!! As well as, helping get information out there to others about positive training methods! She has been a lifesaver”

“She gave us wonderful verbal and written instructions. She goes over everything very well! Wonderful!!!”

“Jacqueline is very good at what she does, shes very knowledgeable and informative.”

“Excellent and professional”

“I love the fact when I have a question or issue I can text and she’s responds fast”

“She is extremely kind and informative and available!”

“Her patience, her understanding, her explanations, her willingness to accept questions via text or call outside of training session. Her frequent tips via social media of instances/training that is so very applicable, but not top of my mind”

“Hello my fellow dog lovers,
Let me start at the beginning. A little over 9 years ago I brought home a Siberian Husky puppy, Mya aka a TON of work. She was my world and I thought that I was doing the right thing by putting her through all sorts of training. She did the puppy obedience, regular obedience, agility classes, fun classes, you name it we did it. Little did I know the damage I was implicating onto my girl because everything was forced-based/dominance-based. She was living to obey me not to want to please me. I went through 8 years of training her this way because it was what I was told was the right type of training and the method that everyone was using at this time. I was told to use a shock collar, pinch collar, and to be the alpha and make Mya listen to me at any cost, and she did. Looking back on this I cringe at the thought of what I was doing to her, and putting her through. I was shocking her with a collar to get her to come. I was digging prongs in her neck to make her sit. I was scaring her to make her obey me. Having the knowledge backed by facts that I have now it was cruel to put her through the above methods of training. How could I have done this to the thing I love more than life itself? I will tell you why, because I was told that this was the best way by what I thought were reputable trainers that actually cared about my dog. I was wrong. These methods are used for one reason only, fast results. But I ask you this, do you want a dog to fear you? Or do you want your dog’s life purpose to be happy and only care about you making each other happy?

One day I was watching one of my favorite shows, Pitbull’s and Parolees, and I saw a girl I had went to high school with on the show, and I began to follow her story. She had been volunteering at Villalobos and ended up rescuing a Pitbull that was expected to live the rest of her life out in a kennel that she had already called home for many years due to her constant fear of the world. But for some reason she had a life altering bond with Jacqueline. The show did not do a follow up on their story, so then I started doing my own follow up. Puma was extremely fearful of life and everything that was in it. But over the too short of time Jaqueline had with her, she taught her how to be full of life and not let fear control her. And she did this all with patience, time, and force free methods. This dog changed night and day in less than a year. She could handle thunder and fireworks, go for walks with her tail wagging instead of between her legs. She was happy and living the life she deserved. Then tragedy hit out of the blue. Puma was diagnosed with cancer and was taken from her all too suddenly. It was a beautiful tragedy.

Seeing what I saw from this girl that was the same age as I mesmerized me, so I still continued to follow her. How is she doing this? It seemed like miracle after miracle was happening. She was getting her degree in animal behavior, working with special-needs dogs, had started her own dog training program, volunteered for many organizations, and was even fostering dogs that were deemed un-savable. One day on my news feed I found that she had started fostering a Pitbull named Porter and this was his last chance before being put down due to his aggressive behaviors. Well needless to say, and no shock here, Jacqueline foster failed him and ended up keeping him because she knew she was his best hope, and that she was. Watching her updates, and the work she put in with him this was another dog that’s life and demeanor has completely changed. She saved him, and he saved her.

I had really started thinking long and hard, Mya is 8 years old at this point and still has many years of life left. I wondered if you could really alter what she had been taught all these years and teach literally, an old dog new tricks, so I gave Jacqueline a call. It was the best call I had ever made. Not only did Jaqueline meet with me for coffee at no cost to show me statistics and research for 2 hours and to hear my concerns, past training issues, and desires for Mya. She showed me how negative the other  methods were, and this is a proven fact! She did not hold them against me though. She understood and just genuinely cared that I wanted to make a positive change for Mya and myself. She taught me that you do not need to be the alpha to have control. The behaviorist, Rudolph Schenkel has even tried to take this incriminating statement out of print, but the publishers refuse to do so. All of this sank in and I had a new-found hope for Mya. That’s when the changes really started happening.

A couple of days later we scheduled our first lesson. And check this out- Jaqueline even comes to your house?! (and for an extremely reasonable fee) but as I said before, Mya is a great well-behaved dog and knows all of her commands and follows them. But now came the fun part. And I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy like dominance based training. I could no longer tell her to do something and if she refused or took too long I couldn’t use my angry mom voice to make it happen. No more telling her she is a bad girl, scolding her, none of that useless nonsense. I had to use repetition on top of repetition, reverse psychology, and step into the mind of a dog. Force free is all about praise and rewards that come in all forms of treats, praises, toys, really anything that makes your dog happy.  This being the drive and incentive for them to work even harder. It takes much more time and patience, but the outcome is so worth it. I can promise you, you will get frustrated because the results are not instant, but that frustration will ease when you see how genuinely happy your dog becomes after they learn it is okay to be a dog and want to please you at the same time. Mya was not the only one learning new tricks. I was learning patience and how to reward her for the good things she was doing. Lesson followed by lesson had more and more progression following. After time I began to notice huge changes in Mya. She was wagging her tail more, singing the song of her people more, she was more lovable, more playful, and even listened more and does things I want without me even asking for them. And the best part all of this was done without yelling, punishing, or over powering. Just what I thought wasn’t possible was, and I was having so much fun while doing it!

A few months after working with Jacqueline another unexpected curveball was thrown my way. A three month old puppy needed rescue, and I couldn’t turn my back on her. I called Jacqueline within an hour of picking her up and we began working together. Through this journey she has taught me how different my dogs are, and what works for one does not always work for the other. Things I thought I was doing right I could not get to stick but within minutes of guidance with Jacqueline she had taught me how to get the desired results from my girl all while having fun. Mya and Whiskey have individual needs that are so similar, yet so different, but she is here explaining to me in great detail, giving me step by step instructions, and always available if I need help or have questions.

She makes time at the end of every lesson to give you homework, so she can actively monitor the results through your training. She encourages feedback, videos, and questions. She will respond at all hours of any day to make sure you and your dog are on the right track. She wants you to be educated and have knowledge because she does care about both of your well-being. Working with her has truly been an honor. She is going to do amazing things in this industry, and positively impact so many lives, humans and furry ones alike.

If there is anything that I could tell anyone reading this, it is that Jacqueline changed my life. Because of her and the methods she uses, it has helped me give my girls the life they deserve. Every day is a work in progress and perfection does not exist, but this is as close as it truly gets. She is full of knowledge, education, experience, and most importantly she genuinely cares and puts everything she has into this. If you are hesitant and even think this this “method” is a crock of crap, humor me and just try one lesson and I can promise you, you will prove yourself wrong in the first five minutes! At the end of the day it is you that holds your dog’s key to life.  ️

Thank you, Jacqueline.”

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