Puppies, basic behaviors (sit, down, stay, place, wait, etc.), greetings with people or dogs when excited, leash skills, coming when called, etc.

Behavior Modification

Aggression, reactivity, fears, phobias, resource guarding, integration of new pets, compulsive/OCD disorders, cooperative care, etc.

What clients are saying

“Jacqueline was highly recommended to us by the dog rescue that we adopted one of our dogs from and we are so glad we took their advice. She really taught us how to interpret our dogs’ behaviors and how to incrementally change those behaviors with positive reinforcement. It is wonderful that she does training at our home so our whole family can be involved. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand and work with their dogs in a kind and gentle manner.”

“Jacqueline is incredible!! She helped us so much! She listened to my concerns and worked with our little guy accordingly. We have all learned so much during our sessions with her. She’s calm and patient. She really trained all of us so we will be able to continue once she’s not there. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer and will always go to Jacqueline for all of our questions and training needs!”

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