Puma: The Face of TBJ

Pumas Facebook Page
Rescued from: Villalobos Rescue Center, age 9

Puma suffered from PTSD. At a very young age (approximately 8 months) Puma was amid a police standoff with her original owner, and her other siblings, where many very loud noises occurred leaving Puma to grow up to be completely shut down and frightened of the world she lived in. She was taken into the rescue world after this event.

Puma waited in rescue for nine years (the rescue accepting that she would never find someone to take her on with her severe fear), before Jacqueline came to New Orleans to intern with VRC. At that time, they formed a bond of trust (Puma was one of the special needs dogs), and Jacqueline knew that Puma was meant to live out her life in Michigan. Puma was brought to Mi in May of 2013, and lived a wonderful life where Jacqueline helped her overcome her severe fear and anxiety.

Puma was known to pass out from thunderstorms, cars backfiring, items simply being dropped, etc. She made extraordinary progress over the 15 months that she spent in her new home. Sadly, despite perfect health check-ups with her veterinarian, Puma had a silent cancer in her heart (hermangiosarcoma) that had spread and then caused her spleen to rupture in September of 2014. Jacqueline made the very tough decision to let Puma leave this world in peace in the comfort of her home, surrounded by those who loved her. Puma was 11 years old at the time-but you never would have known!

After Pumas passing, given the huge support from the original adoption story airing on Animal Planet (Pit Bulls and Parolees-“Can’t Give Up”), Jacqueline ran a fundraiser where bracelets were available for purchase with the words “Never Give Up” in black and pink. In Pumas memory, Jacqueline was able to raise almost 6,000$ to be donated to both Villalobos and The Grey Muzzle Organization.

Puma is the face of Jacqueline’s business, as it is very important to Jacqueline to help the dogs who struggle the most in the world with fear, anxiety, and stigmas.

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